Pipeline & Facilities

G.A. West & Co., Inc. understands the major undertakings that are involved with installing and maintaining various pipeline systems.  Our trained experts work with our clients to develop innovative solutions to their problems in a way that stays within budget while maintaining quality. gss-certified-2017

Our dedication to safety  in the field has earned us the Gold Shovel Standard Certification.

Types of Projects Performed:

  •  Anomaly Repairs                                    Interconnect Projects
  •  Carousel and Umbilical Construction     LNG Facility Construction
  •  Compressor Station Construction          Meter Station Construction
  • Demolition and Remediation                  Pipeline Construction
  • Fabrication                                              Pipeline Integrity Projects
  • Facility Maintenance                               Pipeline Lowering Projects
  •  Gathering Projects                                 Pumping Station Construction
  • Hydrostatic Testing Projects                   Take Up and Relay Projects

Types of Services Offered:

  • API Tank Fabrication and Installation      Metal Building Design and Construction
  • ASME Vessel Fabrication                         Module Construction
  • Cathodic Protection and Ground Beds     Pigging
  •  Concrete Forming & Placement               Piping Fabrication & Installation
  • Conventional Boring                                 Plate Rolling and Processing
  • Design Build Services                                Pre-Manufactured Metal Building Install
  • Directional Drilling                                    Process Equipment Installation
  • Dock Services                                            • Redlines and Electronic As-Builts
  • Electrical & Instrumentation                      Restoration Services
  • Engineering                                                Rotating Equipment Precision Alignment
  • Erosion Control                                         Sand Blast and Coating
  • Excavation and Shoring                              Scaffolding
  • Heavy Lifting and Hauling                          Sitework
  • Hydro Excavation                                       Skid Fabrication
  • Hydrostatic Testing                                     Start-Up and Commissioning
  • Inspection Services                                      Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation
  • Insulation                                                    Surveying
  • Launcher and Receiver Fabrication              Torqueing and Tensioning
  • Maintenance Contracts                                 Tug and Barge Services

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