Operation Units

G.A. West & Co., Inc., is a full-service construction firm built to meet the demand for flexible, cost-effective construction and maintenance service operations. G.A. West provides all the civil, structural steel, mechanical, piping, module fabrication, electrical, instrumentation, painting, boiler code work, rigging services, and equipment rental needs associated with grass roots construction, unit revamps, or routine maintenance projects.

Operation Support Facilities

G.A. West has multiple support facility locations in Mobile County, encompassing 147 acres of land and over 250,000 square feet of warehouses, fabrication shops, docks, roll off platforms, laydown yards, training facilities, and office space. Whatever your construction needs are, we’re able to meet them in a cost-efficient and timely manner.


  • Corporate Office – 1200 Radcliff Road, Creola, AL 36525
    Our Corporate Office resides on a 10-acre site consisting of 50,000 sf of office and training facilities located approximately 19 miles north of Mobile, AL.
  • Fabrication Facility 1– 12526 Celeste Road, Chunchula, AL 36521
    Our 54-acre Fabrication and Facility site, stationed just a few minutes away from our corporate office, is home to a 60,000 sf automated structural fabrication shop, a 20,000 sf code fabrication shop and a 10,000 sf coating shop located approximately 15 miles north of Mobile, AL.
  • Fabrication Facility 2 – 1000 Military Road, Mount Vernon, AL
    Our second Fabrication Facility site, a 28-acre site with 120,000 sf fabrication and assembly shop, is located approximately 15 miles north of Interstate 65 in north Mobile County.
  • Dock and Assembly Facility – 1598 Ernest Drive, Saraland, AL 36571
    Our 40-acre Dock and Assembly Facility site houses an 800 ton relieving platform easily accessible from Mobile Bay.