Steel Industry

ThyssenKrupp Steel Mill Project

In 2009, G.A. West was award the TK Steel Mill project. TK PictureThe project consisted of installing 15,000 tons of steel making machinery including robotic alignment,  30,000 tons of heavy structural steel, transportation, rigging and installation of all transformers and switching gear, 300 miles of medium voltage cable, 2,200,000 sf of metal siding, 1,000,000 sf of metal roof decking, 340,000 sf poly glazing, 150,000 sf louvers,  150,000 lf of flashing,  80,000 lf of duct banks, 8,00,000 cy of soil excavation and fabrication and installation of 50,000 lf of process piping. There was an excess of 2,000,000 man-hours of direct hire labor to perform the job.

* Please advise that the projects listed are just a few examples of jobs that G.A. West has performed. Contact our office for more information about our capabilities.