Oil & Gas Processing

Ethylene and Methane Cold Boxes – Linde Group

In April 2013, G.A. West was awarded to construct four Ethylene and MethaneCold Boxes Cold Boxes for Liquefaction Trains 1 and 2, Sabine Pass Liquefied Natural Gas Plant. The 90′ H x 90′ L x 40′ W components were constructed at G.A. West’s Black Bayou fabrication yard. Each approximately 1,400 ton box was moved by SPMT to our dock and loaded onto barges for transport to the erection site. The carbon steel boxes contained thousands of tons of stainless steel pipe and process equipment as well as proprietary brazed aluminum heat exchangers. All welds were subjected to 100% radiography. Challenging work requirements were met with innovative work processes, a proactive safety culture (450,000 safe man hours without a lost time accident) and demonstrated quality resulting in project delivery ahead of schedule. The project was completed in September 2014.

Boardwalk Pipelines – Gulf Crossing Panda Power Meter Station

In October 2013, G.A. West was awarded the Gulf Crossing Panda Power Meter Station job in Sherman Texas. The project included the installation of meter and regular station inside the Panda Power Facility, installation of 4″ and 8″ meter skids, dual 10″ and low flow regulator skid, dual filter separators and condensate tank and electrical and instrumentation including RTU and GC buildings. An excess of 8,800 man hours of direct hire labor performed the job with zero recordables and zero lost time injuries.

* Please advise that the projects listed are just a few examples of jobs that G.A. West has performed. Contact our office for more information about our capabilities.