Marine & Shipbuilding

G.A. West & Co., is a full-service construction organization. Our company was built to meet the demand for flexible, cost-effective construction and maintenance service operations. G.A. West provides all the civil, structural steel, mechanical, piping, module fabrication, electrical, instrumentation, painting, boiler code work, rigging services, and equipment rental needs associated with grass roots construction, unit revamps, or routine maintenance projects.

Throughout our extensive 25 year career within the diversified and ever-changing construction/maintenance industry, we continue to maintain a competitive edge in providing services and products that will not only meet our clients’ current needs, but also their future needs. For more information, please call us at 1-888-679-1965.

* Please advise that the projects listed are just a few examples of jobs that G.A. West has performed. Contact our office for more information about our capabilities.