Chemical & Petrochemical

Taminco – #4 Methylamines Expansion Project

In June of 2013, G.A. West was awarded the #4 Methylamines Expansion Project at Taminco in Pace, Florida. G.A. West installed 550 tonTaminco Project 4s of steel and 16,500 sf of grating with 2,500 linear feet of handrails. G.A. West also set over 75 pieces of new equipment which included two major lifts; the dehydration column weighing 165,000 lbs. and ammonia column weighing 470,500 lbs. G.A. West demolished 8,000 linear feet of piping. The project consisted of 185,000 plus man hours in an operating plant with zero recordables and only five first aids.


* Please advise that the projects listed are just a few examples of jobs that G.A. West has performed. Contact our office for more information about our capabilities.