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G.A. West & Co. is seeking a Project Manager for a multi-year project in West Central, AL. The ideal candidate will have a heavy industrial construction background and general working knowledge of all crafts. Salary is dependent upon experience and per-diem is available for candidates who are eligible. More details below:


Job expectations are as follows, but are not limited to:

  • Developing detailed project plans
  • Checking resource availability 
  • Allocation of resources
  • Contingency planning
  • Delivering projects and/or coaching others to deliver projects within budget, within scope, on time, and safely
  • It is your responsibility to coordinate internal resources, external resources including subcontractors, for on-time synchronized project delivery
  • On some occasions for certain clients, you will have to develop project scopes, estimates, schedules, execution plans, and detailed submittals
  • Change order management
  • Submittal approval and documentation is a must
  • Adherence to specified schedules and updating as required on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Two and three week look-aheads for planning purposes shall be prepared for every project underneath your control
  • Relationship management with the client, onsite supervision, and downstream craft labor must be prioritized and invested into
  • Risk management and safety analysis for the hazards within the projects must be evaluated both during bid process and during the ongoing installation of same
  • Project documentation including RFIs, notifications for delay, force majeure, weather impacts, out-of-sequence deliveries, permitting delays, third party delivery delays, equipment mobilization delays, labor, and subcontractor delays must be documented on a daily basis on all project sites
  • Receiving documentation for third party equipment, owned equipment, fuel, materials, tools, and consumables must be managed on a daily, weekly, monthly consistent basis
  • Required safety certifications to operate equipment or to perform certain duties, such as heavy rigging, flagging, etc., must be adhered to at all times.
  • You must uphold all policies of GAW, within the corporate handbook and in conjunction with the specific client’s expectations of the project on which you are working.
  • The site-specific expectations cannot be less than the GAW expectations in regard to behavior, project management, attendance, etc. The more stringent standard will always apply.
  • In allocating labor and elevating supervision into positions of authority beneath you and on individual project sites, shall always be in compliance with the project execution plan which works hand-in-hand with the estimate. In no case shall any project be run at a composite rate higher than that included in the estimate. The responsibility to report the composite rate each week falls on the Project Manager/Site Superintendent and subsequently their management as well. This is without forgiveness or exception.
  • The management of overtime expended on the project falls specifically to the site or project manager. Overtime should never be expended in a haphazard/unproductive way.  Overtime shall not be used to assist individuals in hitting a target weekly rate but should only be used when it actually adds to the completion of the project in a timely and competitive manner. Excessive overtime will lead to fatigue and safety incidents.
  • Timekeeping: Each and every Project Manager and Site Superintendent has the responsibility for the collection of project time. This time should be collected each day by signature sheet in a chronological manner. This collection of time shall detail the actual start and end times for each individual employee. No one should sign an employee out in their stead. If electronic means are available, the Project Manager/Site Superintendent is required to use it for a back check. At no time shall any project management team member request the clerical department to change the hours of a craft worker. 
  • Engage, understand, and implement advanced work package planning and coordination, which includes care, custody, and control of the planning involved with each phase of the project process, inclusive of engineering, procurement, construction and installation planning (depending on the particular project).

During periods of reassignment to the estimating department, you shall be responsible to assist and/or individually develop estimates which require the following: 

  • Reading and understanding complete and accurate scope of supply.
  • Attending walk-throughs and taking appropriate notes, which would include those in attendance from other contractors, competitors, and sub-suppliers.
  • Reading and understanding the specifications, identifying differences, busts, or omissions between the specifications and the drawings.
  • Understanding the interaction between the drawings and model, if provided.
  • Understanding and interpreting the P&IDs, making detailed take-offs for unit man-hours and equipment allocation, for each and every part and piece represented within the scope of work/specifications/model/drawings.
  • Identifying areas to be subcontracted and issuing RFQs for subcontractor support in a timely manner, with the proper documentation for the sub-supplier to adequately price and propose the work. 
  • Soliciting material pricing that meets expectations as far as country of origin and required deliveries.
  • Creating a template at the beginning of the take-off process that matches the bid tab requirements or bid breakdown of the individual RFQ from the client/customer.
  • Soliciting the support of other estimators as needed to provide a comprehensive, complete, and accurate estimate that represents the actual scope of work, schedule, materials, labor, equipment, and subcontractors required, matched with the site indirect package required to complete the work on budget, on schedule, and within QA/QC and Safety requirements as mandated by the client and GAW.


  • Extensive background in heavy industrial construction
  • General working knowledge of all crafts
  • Scheduling knowledge a plus
  • Machine specific (MW/steel) knowledge a plus



G.A. West & Company, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. To provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. It has been, and will continue to be, G.A. West policy not to discriminate based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, nationality, genetic information, marital or domestic partnership or civil union status, sex, gender, disability, pregnancy, affectional or sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law for all personal actions and all phases of recruitment and/or employment.

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