G.A. West Receives Safest in the Industry Silver Award

safest-222G.A. West is the proud recipient of the 2017 Safest in the Industry Silver Award
presented by Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Alabama Chapter, Alabama AGC and Subcontractors Association of Alabama during the annual “Safe Day” event.

Safe Day helps bring safety awareness to the forefront of the construction industry. In the spirit of the event, ABC, AGC Alabama and the Subcontractors Association of Alabama partnered to present the Safest in the Industry Awards in Birmingham Alabama on May 5, 2017.




How to Get Hired at G.A. West

Want to work at G.A. West? Here’s a few frequently asked questions on the hiring process:gawest-highrez-vert-logo

Where do I find the job openings?
We have all our job postings listed on our website: www.gawest.com

What types of jobs does G.A. West employ?
We hire all crafts at mostly all skill levels. Because we’re a start-to-finish construction company, every craft from land clearing to final construction is employed.

How often do you hire people?
We are constantly look for qualified men and women year-round though our need for certain crafts fluctuate per the immediate need.

What skills will I need before applying for a position with G.A. West?
We prefer journeymen-level craftsmen with certifications such as NCCER, TWIC, OSHA, TVTC and others, however, we do hire non-journeymen as helpers with the goal of incorporating them into the company and allow them to grow with us.

What training is required and what is provided?
Because we work at nearly 100 sites across many states (primarily the Southeast) the training requirements vary from site to site according to the work being performed. We provide all site-specific training, testing, OSHA 10 Construction as well as perform comprehensive background checks on all applicants.

I want to begin a career with G.A. West. How long will you employ me for?
G.A. West does not guarantee employment after the site an applicant was hired for is completed with the work. However, we do our best to line up sites so that when one ends, another begins thus keeping qualified craftsmen employed on a regular basis with us.

How do I get hired back after I was laid off?
If you showed great work performance and your evaluation from your supervisor shows your great work performance then an HR representative will notify you when your craft is needed again. The key is to keep checking with Human Resources and ensuring they know you are seeking work.

When will I hear back after I submit an application?
There is no definitive time-frame on when you will hear back from us. We only contact applicants if we intend to employ them. We take applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year so that when openings arise, we have a readily accessible pool of candidates to pull from.

What would disqualify me from being able to work?
Drug and alcohol abuse are the two biggest disqualifying factors. We test 100% of all employees hiring in and conduct random drug tests on existing employees. Illegal drug use and abuse of prescription medication will NOT be tolerated. There are some health conditions that have the potential to prevent an applicant from being hired on; these conditions are all evaluated by Occupational Health doctors who make the final decision on if the condition will be a hazard to the applicant and others on the worksite.

How do I stand out against other applicants?
Certifications make a large impact on who is hired and who is not. NCCER, NCCER +, NCCCO and other certifications are actively sought after and make a standard applicant stick out from others.

What do I need to know about the industry and G.A. West?
Working in a construction area and with a construction company means safety is the forefront of everything. In an environment where many things are happening simultaneously, if someone is not paying attention they can harm themselves or others. The sites can consist of fast-paced environments sometimes with long hours, however, working for an established company with an impeccable safety record, utilizing your skills to their fullest and benefitting society along with earning a highly competitive wage is a compelling reward.

Why would I want to work with G.A. West? What are the benefits?
Founded in 1987, G. A. West is an established company known throughout the industry. We’re the fifth largest employer in the Mobile, Alabama area and we continue to grow year after year with no signs of wavering. Our leadership (from supervisors to executives) is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable and work hard for not just the company and clients, but for our employees. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we show our appreciation to them by providing health insurance, FMLA, dental and vision insurance, 401k, Paid time off, competitive wages, open-door policies, safe worksites and more.